Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The ISSSshhh I want right NOW!!!

I want these damn shades Amerie has, and these kicks Cassie has is fly too, someone buy them for me.....PLEaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??thanks!

Paaaaaaaaaaaaartyin for DT's Birthday!!

So it was my girl DT's birthday. So my flyest mama's the 6BB went out to the LES's REWIND to celebrate her birth. TOns of fun. drunken dance moves and pum-pum shorts, courtesty of Darcy herself!!! Happy Birthday DT! KICK ME OUT McDONALds....ahahah

it IS my City!!!!

SO while out celebrating my girl Darcy-Tells birthday i got stopped in the LES and asked to take a pic. It was for BET's blog. SO check it out!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The ishhhhh that makes me mad!

SOooooo i was reading Perez like i do errrrrrrrr day, and this bullshit was up. A pic of a button that was being sold at the republican convention this past weekend.
THis is that isssh im talkin bout. When ur livin in the inner city of whichever big city, ppl think the world and more importantly this country has changed soooooooo much. Yes we have come a long way, but the ppl that "really" are in charge, havent changed that much, there undercover. BUT when they get together they let that issh all hang out!!!im just tellin yall why im mad son, this "that bullshit"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

North Carolina, SOuth Beach and LA.....ya girls been traveling!!

LA eating dinner @ hotspot Ketchup

Me and MO 1st night miami, celebrating her birthday!!!

Me and CHelsea, waiting at the airport!
So ya girls been traveling a lil. The Whole month of May consisted of luggage, packing, unpacking, hopping on and off planes and ohh yesss a lil time in the sun. North Carolina was cool. I was actually there picking up the sister from college. Then off to Miami to get the complexion lookin right for the summer. Me and my ladies yearly get away from the city, long weekend trip. It was def a lil more hood then usual, but still good drunken fun non the less. Besides being thrown into the pool with all of our electronics in our bags it was a fun trip! Then away to LA, which was my 1st time, on a business trip. Stayed in west hollywood and an amazing boutique like hotel, the Chamberlain. We ate at hotspot Ketchup, where we sat a few seats from Tia ( yes from sister sister) and her new husband and her co-host some guy from the game!....My vendor that took us out that night ordered all the appetizers on the menu and all the desert on the menu, whoo hooo i love free food. ANywho, enjoy the pics!